Missing sheets

A few sheets are missing from the archive, although we think we know what's on them:

MM36ii, MM102a and MM195

and in some cases we have only a rather poor-quality copy of the original:

MM4*, MM5*, MM13*, MM21*, MM22*, MM23*, MM26*, MM28*, MM30*, MM32*, MM33*, MM34*, MM40*, MM43*, MM82*, MM100*, MM149*, MM149a, MM165* and MM169*

although the starred ones have since been typeset instead.

So, if you have a copy of a missing sheet or a higher-quality version of one then we'd be very grateful if you could lend it to us, or send us a scan, so we can add it to the archive. If you'd like to help with the typesetting then please see some suggestions of which sheets to choose.

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