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TORUS tune-indexing system For identifying a tune you can hum but not name.
Thomas' Table of Titleless Tunes Tunes I'd like to identify - can you help?
Tunes and dances by Thomas and others All the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.
Puzzles Try your wits, ingenuity ... or possibly patience.
Discography I'll sign your copies if you ask me nicely.
What's new Last addition 27 Jun 2021.
About the author Packed with fascinating facts ... well, facts.
Other groups hosted here
Momentum English country dance band.
  A.k.a. www.MomentumBand.co.uk.
Monday Musicians A group meeting monthly to play English and other folk dance music.
The site includes a complete tune sheet database.
  A.k.a. www.MondayMusicians.org.uk.
Hoddesdon Crownsmen Rapper sword dancers (now retired).
  A.k.a. www.HoddesdonCrownsmen.org.uk.

The Chiltern West Gallery Quire's site is no longer hosted here.

Have nothing in your [websites] that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
William Morris 1877
So the question is, can you spot which is which ...


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