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Torus sources

For "Anon" references please see Thomas' Table of Titleless Tunes.

AA Antwerp antics 3
Aird Aird's selection of airs 10
ALAP Another look at Playford 44
Anon Thomas' table of titleless tunes 2
Apted Apted book of country dances 13
ATP Among the pines 3
Bacon Lionel Bacon's handbook of Morris dances 2
Barlow The Complete country dance tunes from Playford's Dancing Master 126
Barnes The Barnes book of English country dance tunes 390
BB Belgian boutades 3
BC Band call 13
BDCD Barn dancin' 'n' country dancin' 16
BDH Barn dance hoedown 17
BDP Barn dance party 15
BFA Both feet again 4
Bothwell Bothwell boy 2
BTP Between two ponds 4
CC Continental capers 1
CDM Community dance manuals 84
CDT Country dance tunes 92
CF Calculated figures 1
CW Chippenham 199x workshops 31
CWOC Complete works of Carolan 3
DH Dorchester hornpipe 8
DOBW The dances of Brian Wedgbury 3
DWAD Dances with a difference 13
EDA English dance airs 51
EDM The English dancing master 11
EFDA 100 English folk dance airs 62
EL English lace 20
FMJH The fiddle music of James Hill 1
FSCF A finite set of calculated figures 2
FTB The fiddler's tune book 92
GMDM Grand master, dancing master 7
HFFT A hundred favorite fiddle tunes 8
HSN Hoedown Saturday night 28
IWBF In with both feet 5
JAM jayandmolly.com 1
JATS Jump at the Sun 4
JJ The Jim Johnstone collection 2
KT The Kafoozalum tunes 1
MCF Multiple calculated figures 2
MDFS 8 Morris dances and Flamborough sword 10
MDT Morris dance tunes 16
MFAM My fiddle and me 1
MM Monday Musicians sheets 612
MP Maggot pie 6
NCF A number of calculated figures 3
NWOB New wine in old bottles 5
OAD 50 old airs and dances 12
OCF Odd calculated figures 2
ON O'Neill's 1001 69
PCF Prime calculated figures 1
PDM Purcell's Dancing Master 11
PiC Piper's companion 13
Portland The Portland collection 121
PP Tunes from Potters' Porch 5
PSC The Pat Shaw collection 32
PSP Pat Shaw's Pinewoods 6
PTT The Peeping Tom tunebook 2
RP The Ralph Page book of contras 21
SDSN Square dance Saturday night 8
SF The She-favourite 8
SFCF Sum further calculated figures 2
SP Swing partners 28
TDA Traditional dance airs 10
TFTB Tunes for the band 39

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