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The cover


Clockwise from top left: Ali; Spiral clock; Hovis clock; Jasmine's truck; Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly; Bill; Not quite Dali; Pizza Hut, Cambridge Circus; Metronome; Hourglasses from Tranøy church, Norway; Meg; Sundial, RHS Wisley; Midnight sun; St Nicholas' church, Alcester; Parking sign; Thomas; Middlesex University; Kitchen timer; Heartbeat; Sundial, Pécs, Hungary; St Stephen's tower aka Big Ben; Allder's Opticians, Bedford; Thyme (sorry); In2<rest>ing; Swiss Centre, Leicester Square; Wooden clock; Fish factory, Svolvær, Norway; Pendulum punch-clock; If you want to know the time ...; Hunkin's water clock, Covent Garden; Pyramid clock; Seven Dials; Advent calendar, Hamburg, Germany; Windows hourglass.

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