Suggestions for typesetters

Several people have kindly started to typeset the untypeset sheets, to make them more legible and so that the files are smaller. There's really no urgency to this, but on the other hand I want people to feel that they're making the best use of their time. This page therefore offers some suggestions of which sheets to choose, by grouping them higher-priority first. If you can tell me that you're working on a particular sheet then I'll record that here so that other people can pick something else. As of mid January 2021 we've typeset 193 of the 356 untypeset sheets = 54%, and at the current rate we might have typeset all the sheets by early August 2021.

Untypeset sheets that have not been played recently* and so are more likely to be visited soon (17 of 513 = 3%):

Untypeset sheets that have been played recently* and so are less likely to be visited soon (133 of 513 = 26%):

Sheets that someone's already working on (13 of 513 = 3%):

Sheets that were typeset originally (154 of 513 = 30%):

Sheets that have been typeset since the original untypeset version (193 of 513 = 38%):

Sheets that are missing (3 of 513 = 1%):

* "Recently" means "since November 2013 when current records began".

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