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Android apps

I've written a number of apps for Android mobile phones and other devices. I don't claim that they're particularly brilliant, original or reliable. On the other hand they are free (but still licensed - see below). They're available for download to an Android device from the Android Market. The black-and-white patterns are QR barcodes, which can take your device direct to the app's market page.

Torus 1.1

An Android version of TORUS, my system for organising and identifying tunes without knowing their titles. It works by indexing the tunes according to their shape, i.e. according to how they go up or down in pitch from each note to the next. The app can import the main TORUS database from the website automatically, or import a different database from an SD card.

Screenshots: 1, 2.

Visual metronome 2.1

A simple metronome using flashing lamps. It does NOT click, since the effort of clicking seems to make some Android metronomes lose time.

The tempo can be set by specifying bpm or by tapping a button.

Preset speeds can be stored for quick recall, and playlists of preset speeds can be saved to the SD card.

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3.

I have withdrawn Media Screen because of a bug in Android 2.2 (and possibly other versions) which means that the use of .nomedia files can cause video files to be deleted rather than hidden.


These programs are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, and come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. They are free software, and you are welcome to redistribute them under certain conditions. See the GNU website for further information.


These apps have been tested on my HTC Desire running Android 2.2, and on emulations of various other Android devices, but I can not guarantee that they will work on any particular device.

What happened to the Palm software?

I no longer use a Palm PDA so I've stopped developing or offering Palm software, although I'm still happy to discuss it.

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